Key to Thriving in Mortgage Lending

The Key to Thriving in Mortgage Lending: Investing in Future-Focused Technology

The Challenge: Mortgage lenders face inevitable market cycles with ups and downs. While some lenders focus on cost-cutting during difficult times, successful ones invest in technology and digital capabilities to future-proof their operations.

Path Software's Approach: As a leading provider of mortgage lending solutions for over 30 years, Path Software partners with lenders to execute digital strategies that:

  • Drive efficiency: Streamline loan origination processes, automate tasks, and improve decision-making.
  • Enhance borrower experiences: Provide a convenient, 24/7 online experience with intuitive borrower portals and real-time loan tracking.
  • Set up operations for future success: Utilize flexible, scalable solutions that adapt to changing regulations and evolving industry demands.

Path Software's Solutions:

  • Path Enterprise: A customizable loan origination platform tailored to each client's specific needs and workflows.
  • Path Direct: A ready-to-use solution perfect for smaller lenders that reduces setup complexity and streamlines the lending process.

Path Enterprise and Path Direct offer powerful capabilities to streamline your mortgage process. Thanks to cloud-based storage on Microsoft Azure and 24/7 availability from any device, you can access your loan information anytime, anywhere. Digital loan delivery and tracking keep you informed throughout the process, while role-driven workflows ensure tasks are assigned to the right people. Loan officers can customize their pages for a personalized experience, and borrowers can access an intuitive portal to track their progress. Compliance tracking and alerts help you stay on top of regulations, and with no long-term contracts required, you have the flexibility to scale your solution as your needs change.

5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Mortgage Operations with Path Software:

  1. Prioritize Process Automation: Automate key processes like document generation and eClosing to reduce manual work, accelerate funding, and save costs.
  2. Evaluate Total Value, Not Just Cost: Look beyond upfront costs and consider the long-term value of a solution, including enhanced experiences, data insights, scalability, and strategic support.
  3. Maximize Existing Investments: Consolidate solutions with Path Software to avoid disjointed point solutions, minimize integration expenses, and enable end-to-end automation.
  4. Adopt Emerging Technologies: Leverage automation for improved risk management, data-driven insights, and enhanced borrower experiences.
  5. Partner with Forward-Looking Providers: Choose a partner like Path Software that invests heavily in performance, scalability, advanced technology, security, and innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

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About Path Software

Path Software is the industry’s most modern and flexible mortgage loan origination system, delivering a fully digital, secure and compliant workflow that is highly configurable and simultaneously accommodates retail, wholesale, correspondent and TPO channels. Path is cloud-based, scalable and device-independent, allowing loans to move seamlessly across departments with real-time updates and analytics to improve employee productivity. Its built-in point-of-sale component allows loan officers to capture borrower information that is directly integrated into the Path platform and conveniently accessible via their personalized URL and branded landing page.

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