Bonzo Partners with Path

Path Software Partners with Bonzo to Offer Enhanced CRM and Automated Marketing Capabilities

Path Software, a leading provider of loan origination software solutions, today announced its partnership with Bonzo, an innovative automated CRM and marketing platform built specifically for loan officers.

This integration seamlessly connects Path Software's solutions with Bonzo's CRM and automated marketing tools and equips loan officers with Bonzo's comprehensive suite of features. Leverage personalized follow-up campaigns utilizing texts, emails, and voicemails to nurture leads and drive business growth. Build stronger borrower relationships with Bonzo's video and voice messaging tools. The platform enables personalized and scalable outreach, featuring social media ad creation tools and robust contact and deal pipeline management. With borrower data and loan details seamlessly connected from Path Software's LOS, loan officers using Bonzo can ensure timely, relevant, and personalized communications for each prospect.

Joy Ziminskas, Director of Business Development of Path Software, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We're excited to partner with Bonzo to incorporate their automated marketing and CRM tools into our platform. This gives our clients a solution to improve productivity, enhance customer relationships, and drive business growth."

"By integrating with Path Software, we can provide loan officers with the automated tools they need to communicate effectively, build better borrower relationships, and convert more leads," said Brett Bivenour, VP Product and Technology of Bonzo. "This partnership is a big win for loan officers looking to scale their business and achieve greater success."

The partnership underscores Path Software's commitment to connecting loan officers with innovative solutions to boost productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

About Path Software
Path Software is a leading provider of loan origination software dedicated to simplifying and streamlining the mortgage process for clients across the industry. Our innovative technology solutions empower mortgage professionals by providing the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive market.

About Bonzo
Bonzo provides an intelligent automated CRM and marketing platform for loan officers to convert more prospects into clients. Bonzo's unique approach combines automated follow-up campaigns with personalized outreach and relationship-building tools, enabling loan officers to save time, improve efficiency, and achieve tremendous success in their business.


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Michele Parson
Senior Marketing Brand Manager, Path Software

About Path Software

Path Software is the industry’s most modern and flexible mortgage loan origination system, delivering a fully digital, secure and compliant workflow that is highly configurable and simultaneously accommodates retail, wholesale, correspondent and TPO channels. Path is cloud-based, scalable and device-independent, allowing loans to move seamlessly across departments with real-time updates and analytics to improve employee productivity. Its built-in point-of-sale component allows loan officers to capture borrower information that is directly integrated into the Path platform and conveniently accessible via their personalized URL and branded landing page.

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