With over 30 years of history as a pioneer in mortgage technology, Calyx is thrilled to introduce our newest innovation - Path LOS. Path represents a cutting-edge, cloud-based mortgage technology solution designed to modernize your mortgage business. Leveraging our tradition of excellence, Calyx now offers this state-of-the-art solution to streamline the loan process for Mortgage Lenders of all sizes. By harnessing data-driven strategies, customizable workflows, and scalable technology, Path drives business expansion and establishes new benchmarks in the industry.

Revolutionize your business and discover how Path can transform your lending experience.

Secure Cloud-Based

Work from anywhere, anytime, on any device for maximum flexibility!

Advanced API

Elevate your ecosystem and gain access to a wealth of data using Path’s robust API.

Color Coded Pipeline

Optimize loan management with color-coded pipeline alerts that streamline the process for effortless efficiency!

Data-Driven Technology

Revolutionize your workflow with cutting-edge data-driven technology for unparalleled precision - say goodbye to outdated form-based systems!

Agile Compliance

Simplify compliance with our Advanced Compliance Summary Screen, audit trails, fee history tracking, rules engine capabilities, and industry-leading integrations.

Built-in POS

Boost borrower satisfaction by providing a customized, mobile-responsive, and secure client portal for streamlined collection of loan applications and supporting documents.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Lenders of all sizes enjoy flexible options, automation, and integrated tools for reliable performance without being locked into lengthy contracts.

Upgrade Your Mortgage Operations with Calyx Path

Upgrade Your Mortgage Operations

Access modern technology on any device with top-notch security and easy integration for smoother processes and better performance.

Boost Efficiency with Calyx Path

Boost Efficiency

Improve teamwork and productivity in mortgage operations with streamlined tools and processes that empower your team for long-term success.

Secure Your Future with Calyx Path

Secure Your Future:

Stay ahead in the mortgage industry with user-friendly features, automation, and detailed reports designed for lenders, bankers, brokers, and credit unions.

In an ever-changing business landscape where trust is paramount, align with a tried and proven industry leader. Calyx Software, the trailblazer in digital mortgage systems, brings years of trusted reliability and innovation. Embrace the future with confidence by choosing Calyx Path.

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"Calyx Path is one of the easiest and most cost-effective loan operating software in the industry. We love how fast the web-based platform performs compared to other systems that require software installations."
Rob H.

President of Mortgage Banking

“Path has the best customer service of any LOS I have ever used. They do a great job of taking care of their customers no matter the size of the company.”
Rob C.

SVP, Mortgage Director

“Path has really streamlined our processes and provided a more efficient workflow. Absolutely no regrets switching to Path!”
Megen F.

Vice President, Mortgage Division Manager

“Working with the Path team has been a collaborative, positive experience. They listen to our wants and needs and strive to make improvements -- often by the next release!”
Benjamin B,

Vice President

“As both our needs and our customers’ needs change, Path has been able to fully adapt to our requests. Path POS has also played a critical role in our efforts to create an online platform for customers to apply online.”
Kristi K.

Loan Origination Systems Manager

“After looking at just about every LOS out there, we chose Path because of its high level of configurability, its cloud-based structure, and the amazing support."
Teresa R.


"In today’s tech-driven environment, having a partner who listens to our needs has been a tremendous asset to our production and operations teams.”
Kim C.


"Path revolutionizes our business with a seamless LOS-CRM connection. The bidirectional integration boosts efficiency, serving clients effectively. Thrilled to be back with Calyx, excited to grow our business with their LOS!"
Joel R.


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