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Revolutionize Your Loan Origination Process

Path Direct

Are you a small to mid-size lender, credit union, community bank, or broker shop looking for a revolutionary loan origination system? Look no further than Path Direct® – the end-to-end solution designed specifically to meet your needs. Say goodbye to legacy LOS systems that drain your resources and embrace a better, more efficient, and affordable solution.

One Complete Solution for the Entire Loan Journey

Path Direct is a comprehensive loan origination system that empowers lenders with an intuitive and modern platform. It is specifically designed to get you up and running quickly, ensuring your business is fully functional within four weeks – the fastest implementation time in the industry.

From day one, Path Direct saves you time. Its device-independent design allows you to work seamlessly from anywhere, on any device. No need to spend time configuring software to meet your basic needs. Path Direct comes with three essential pre-set roles – Loan Originator, Operations, and Underwriter – along with a standard set of business rules, conditions, fees, loan programs, and templates. This pre-configured workflow maximizes productivity and ensures a streamlined origination process.

Gain Valuable Insights and Optimize Performance

With Path Direct, you have access to comprehensive dashboards and reports directly within your LOS. Monitor key metrics, track performance, and identify areas for improvement. Our platform provides valuable insights that enable you to make informed decisions, optimize your origination process, and drive success.

Don't settle for outdated legacy systems or inefficient processes. Transform your loan origination process with Path Direct and experience the power of a modern, streamlined, and affordable solution.

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