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Release notes March 12, 2017

Concurrent first and second mortgages
Added the Link Loan feature to link concurrent first and second mortgages together. After the loans are linked, the LTV and DTI calculations are updated to incorporate the terms of both loans. A Copy button was also added so users can synchronize data from both loans when either loan is updated.

Application, escrows, and fees
Enhanced the Loan Application Housing Expenses tab to link with the TRID Fees and Escrows screens. Values entered on the Housing Expenses tab will automatically populate new system fees added to the Prepaids and Initial Escrow Payment at Closing fee sections. This feature is available only on loans created or imported after the release date. This update does not apply to existing Production loans to prevent impacting the fee calculations.


  • Added a notation feature to documents in Path. Users can customize comments that are viewed by other users.
  • Added the Deleted tab to archive any unnecessary or outdated documentation.

Added the HELOC screen to support additional data required for HELOC product tracking. By default, the fields are synchronized with the same fields on the Loan Application Product tab, however, the screen can also serve as a standalone tracking screen.

Receive Loan Configuration
Added the Receive Loan feature which is configured by the Path administrator to assign loans to specific users in certain roles as they progress in the workflow. This feature relies on the Path business rule editor to regulate user assignment.

Employee loans
Added Employee loan handling to the Path Configuration module.
System administrators can grant or restrict access rights to employee loans based on the user profile.

Compliance audit interface
Added ComplianceEase as the first integrated compliance audit tool in Path. Customers who are interested in using the interface should contact the Path Professional Services Group for assistance. Additional configuration is required.

Loan Product Advisor
Added the Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor integration to replace the obsolete Loan Prospector.

Added a Template button to the Production Summary screen so users can apply a template to a loan at any time.
Caution: Using this feature will overwrite existing loan data with the template data.

The following list represents a small portion of critical and blocker issues that were fixed in this release.

  • Updated the Pipeline view to enhance onscreen data visibility.
  • Enhanced the Borrower Selected check box to move fees from Section C to Section B on the TRID Fees screen for Closing Disclosure calculations.
  • Refreshed Closing Costs Summary screen and calculations.
  • VA screens were updated to support all form document mappings.
  • Updated the USDA upfront fee for 2017.
  • Updated Pricer responses to specify viewing either in Points or Bond style.
  • Added functionality to auto populated prepaid daily interest fees based on the disbursement date of the loan.
  • Added support for the Negative Discount Points calculation to the Cash to Close tab on the Loan Application.
  • Added military state code options AA, AE, and AP, to the State fields in borrower addresses.
  • Added Monthly as an escrow distribution frequency option for fees entered in the Initial Escrow Payment at Closing section.
  • Enhanced the Insurance screen to add support for condo insurance, by expanding the comments field, and adding the Paid By field.
  • Added the Fax Number field to the Verifications screen which links to the Contacts.
  • Deposit type was updated with Wire as a new option.
  • Included Military Base Pay from Other Income with Gross Earnings on the VA Worksheet.
  • Added more funding fields for request and approval tracking on the Wire Calculation screen.
  • Added an All Sandbox scenario view option which is configurable by the Path administrator in user settings.

Release notes November 13, 2016

Custom screens and fields
Added support for up to five custom screens to use in the loan workflow. In addition, custom fields are now available on custom screens. Path custom screens support only currency, date, dropdown lists, percentages, and text fields. Custom fields are also fully reportable.

Fraud interface
Added support for the FraudGuard by Interthinx interface. To use this interface, contact Path Support for assistance. Additional configuration might be required to access the interface.

Zip code lookup
Implemented the zip code lookup feature on the Borrower and Property tabs on the Application screen. Future enhancements are planned for additional Path screens.

Updated templates to enable users to apply them to a loan at any time during the loan process rather than only when a loan is created.

Other updates
The following list represents a small portion of critical and blocker issues that were fixed in this release.

  • Added Contacts database access to various screens including, Profile, Employment, and Originator.
  • Enhanced the Profile light box so users assigned multiple roles in Path can specify a default role upon log in.
  • Redesigned the Non-participating Spouse section on the Borrower tab. Also relabeled it Other Participant.
  • Enhanced the loan assignment feature to allow for multiple loan assignments at one time.
  • Added the Lava Zone field to the Other Property Information section on the Property tab.
  • Added a Decision History section to the Underwriting Decision screen.
  • Added options to the operating unit configuration to set the loan numbering counter for random or sequential generation.
  • Added Type of Refinance to the Loan Summary screen.
  • Added Site Condo as an option on the Property Type dropdown list.
  • Linked VA Funding Fee data to the mortgage insurance data on the Product tab.
  • Added an Intent Received Method field to the Disclosure Dates screen.
  • Added tracking for brokered loan contact information to the Originator tab.
  • Added the capability to copy title company contact details to the settlement agent contact fields on the Property tab.
  • Added functionality to edit closing costs fields on the Cash-to-Close tab or calculate from TRID fees based on user preference.
  • Added functionality to apply vendor management settings to Sandbox scenarios.
  • Increased Title Vesting field size on the Property tab.
  • Redesigned the Warrantable Condo check box to Non-warrantable Condo in all Path screens where applicable.
  • Added automatic calculation of employment years and months when start and end dates are provided on the Employment tab.
  • Redesigned credit factor codes and descriptions on the Credit and Liabilities tab.
  • Added co-borrower SSN field to Lock screens.

Release notes September 29, 2016

The Anti-Steering screen was enhanced for increased ease-of-use and efficiency. Users can generate and print the Anti-Steering form in less than a minute.

Other updates
The following list represents a small portion of critical and blocker issues that were fixed in this release.
• Updated DTI and CLTV calculations to support second liens.
• Updated export mappings to Fannie Mae DO/DUfor deposits and other credits.

Release notes August 29, 2016

Custom button notes
Added a notes capability when custom buttons are clicked for users to enter Send or Status details, depending on the button configuration. The notes are stored for reference in the Send or Status History table, as applicable.

Other updates
• Changed the Impounds screen name to Escrows.
• Added the Guaranteed Underwriting System (GUS) link and additional USDA tracking fields to the AUS screen.
• Removed the Link to REO check box on the Borrower screen.
• Separated Surveyor and Builder data on the Property screen.

Release notes May 18, 2016

Verifications Tracking
The Verifications module was added to improve verification date tracking and document handling. Users can customize contact information and quickly create various verification forms. Verification form data is populated from the application or entered manually as needed.

Sandbox Enhancement
The Loan Application, TRID Fees, and document storage were added to the Sandbox. AUS and Credit interfaces were also made available from the Sandbox in this update. Users can create loans from Sandbox scenarios and copy loans in the Pipeline to the Sandbox for what-if analysis.

Separation of Fees Worksheet and TRID Fees
Fees entered on the Fees Worksheet will no longer carry over to the TRID Fees screen. In addition, automated fees in Path (Loan Discount, Credit for Specific Interest Rate, Mortgage Insurance Premium, and VA Funding Fee) will work only with TRID Fees. Users are recommended to use the TRID Fees screen to enter closing costs in Path.

Escrow Closing Notice
The Escrow Closing Notice is now supported and is accessible from the Other Disclosures screen.

Other Updates
The following list represents a small portion of critical and blocker issues that were fixed in this release.

  • Updated the Net Rental Income calculation for Retained REOs.
  • Redesigned Subordinate Financing to support Fannie Mae ULDD Phase 2 requirements.
  • Added CD Due Date and Estimated Closing Date fields to the Disclosure Dates screen.
  • Removed case-sensitive validation from lock and loan discrepancy.
  • Added access to Contacts from the Insurance and TRID Fees screens.
  • Added the Funding Date field to the Closing Information screen.

Release notes April 13, 2016

Mortgage Insurance Interface
The mortgage insurance interface is now available for production use. National MI and Arch MI are the only providers currently supported.
Additional mortgage insurance providers are currently developing their respective interfaces and will be available soon.

Non-participating Spouse
Non-participating spouse data can be stored in Path. The Credit interface now supports ordering credit for non-participating spouses.

Fannie Mae EarlyCheck Interface
EarlyCheck is now accessible from Path. Only Fannie 3.2 file transmission is supported in this release. A PDF of the results is automatically stored in the document repository.

The Services Providers List now populates from fees entered in the TRID Fees screen. TRID Disclosure Dates was redesigned to improve usability and date tracking.

Other updates
The following list represents a small portion of critical and blocker issues that were fixed in this release.

  • The PPE timer is now configurable. The system administrator can adjust the timer in Path Secondary Marketing Settings.
  • Added USDA Guarantee Fee calculation when the premium is paid in cash.
  • AUS fields are now editable in the Loan Transmittal screen.
  • Brokered Loan indicator was added to the Originator screen in the Application.
  • Employee loan indicator was added to the Borrower screen in the Application.

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